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Le cime Gottifredi Maffioli al 39° PALÉO Festival di Nyon

news121312.jpgÈ semplicemente affascinante vedere il risultato di una enorme installazione di cime al PALÉO Festival di Nyon. Alla Gottifredi Maffioli siamo orgogliosi di mostrare come nella nostra azienda le idee innovative trovano spazio ed energie per la loro realizzazione.

"Since 1976 - and the «First Folk Festival» that drew an audience of some 1,800 people in the town assembly rooms in Nyon -, Paléo Festival is today one of Europe's most important musical events. Since its creation, the Festival has been growing in a regular and managed way, gaining steadily in professionalism during this period of development. Each year, more than 250 concerts and shows are on offer to the 230,000 members of the public who fill the Festival's 84-hectare Asse site (car parks included), situated above the town of Nyon. To this day, over 5 million people have contributed to this unwavering popular success. For more than twelve years, the Festival has been sold out before it even started and enjoys an ever-growing reputation. In 2013, over 600 media professionals covered an edition that was noted for some unforgettable shows and a variety of architectural and artistic structures inviting dreamlike contemplation."