Usage information

Usage and safety information:

  • The values reported in the tables are medium values, measured on samples of new product and in laboratory conditions with normal room temperature (approx 25°C) and are subject to change without prior notice. Usage and exposure to natural agents cause a lowering of breaking strength.
  • In order to preserve the properties of the product and to avoid premature failures, the average working load of ropes in good conditions should never exceed 20% of the rated breaking strengths or even lower if dynamic and/or shock loading is involved.
  • When splicing the rope always use the manufacturer’s recommended splicing procedures, as the strength of the rope can be considerably reduced if the splices are improperly made. Presence of knots may reduce tensile strength by over 50%.
  • The product should never get in contact with sharp edges or rough surfaces when loaded. All the equipment (pulley, winches, drums,…) should be periodically inspected and kept in good conditions in order to avoid damages to the rope.
  • Each ropes must be periodically inspected. Nether less keep in mind that no type of visual control can guarantee detailed information regarding actual residual strength of a rope. Avoid using rope that shows signs of aging and wear. When the fibres show wear in any given area, the rope should be re-spliced, downgraded, or replaced to avoid the risk of injuries to thing and/or person.
  • Never stand close to a rope under tension. In case of failure the rope can recoil with very high energy and cause serious injuries and damage.
  • Due to the physical properties of Dyneema®, products with a core made out of this material should never be used in environments with temperature higher than 50°C.
  • Due to the sensitivity to UV rays of the Vectran® and Zylon® fibres, products with a core made out of these materials should always be used with a protective cover and direct exposure to light of the core material should be avoided or limited to the shortest necessary time. Due to the sensitivity to humidity of Zylon®, ropes containing this material should be stored in dark, dry place.
  • Avoid exposure to chemicals agents to prevent damages. In case of occurrence of contamination, please contact the manufacturer.
  • Remember to wash periodically with soft water all lines for remove dirt, grit and salt. Make them dry on fresh water, avoid any direct exposure to heat source. Stock in dark dry place avoiding direct exposure to UV rays.
  • After the use, do not disperse ropes in natural environment, discard with urban waste.

Gottifredi Maffioli S.p.A. reserves the right to change or modify products and characteristics without prior notice.

Gottifredi Maffioli S.p.A. declines every responsibility for any printing mistakes in this catalogues.

Neither Gottifredi Maffioli S.p.A. nor its suppliers will in any circumstances be liable for any damage arising out of the improper use of the product: any use of the product violating at any time the prescriptions reported in this note, will be considered improper and inappropriate.

All the products listed in the present catalogue are meant for yachting and sport use only, with the explicit exclusion of the use for lifting or lowering people. Any other use of the ropes, even if apparently possible or reasonable, is prohibited.