Rigging Products

Rigging products for the best performance and reliability

Building on our expertise and more than 15 years of continuous research and development, we’ve designed a range of sophisticated composite Standing Rigging products. Our composite cables proved their performance and reliability onboard some of the worlds most successful racing boats, including some of the most valuable America’s Cup teams, Open 60’ and maxi multihulls.
This state-of-the art technology and our comprehensive range of Rigging solutions are available for anyone who desires to benefit from the great performance and weight reductions offered by composite rigging, without compromising reliability.



Very hight strength, incredibly lightweight, great reliability and ease of use.

  • Double Braid
  • Core: Dyneema SK 99 with HTR treatment and polyurethane coating
  • Cover: Dyneema®
  • Recommended for: Runners, checkstays, backstays, adjustable stays,
    babysatys and removable forestays
  • Diameters: 4 > 14 mm (larger diameters on demand)



Minimal stretch, absolute stability under static loads, limited longevity.

  • Double Braid
  • Core: Zylon (PBO) with polyurethane coating
  • Cover: Dyneema®
  • Recommended for: Runners, checkstays,backstays, steeringcables, forestays and shrouds (for boats up to 35’)
  • Diameters: 3 > 12 mm (larger diameters on demand)



Excellent dimensional stability and abrasion resistance.
The double core construction allows splicing with no diameter increase for easier installation.

  • Triple Braid
  • Core: Dyneema® DM20 MAX coaxial double braided core
  • Cover: Dyneema® with polyurethane coating
  • Recommended for: Lifelines: compliant to ISAF Offshore Special Regulation 3.14
  • Diameters: 5 > 8 mm (larger diameters on demand)


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