Special covers

Special protection covers

Under severe conditions or when loads become extremely high, all the equipment suffers stress and fatigue: our R&D team engineered a complete range of protection covers to increase durability of ropes.
In addition to the type of material for each diameter you can choose your cover among different types of construction, selecting thickness and braiding angle.


Perfect solution whenever there are risks of overheating due to very aggressive chafe or severe compression on deflection points.

  • Construction: Zylon® + Dyneema® + PTFE Tubular Braid



Incredibile abrasion resistance and lightweight: a perfect solution to protect the ends of halyards and sheets.

  • Construction: Dyneema® Tubular Braid



A softer and more flexible version of the DSK cover without polyurethane coating:
ideal for strops and loops.

  • Construction: Dyneema® Tubular Braid



Thanks to its low friction coefficient, it offers the perfect solution to protect and maximise the performance of ropes suffering continuos chafe.

  • Construction: Dyneema® + PTFE Tubular Braid

Great abrasion resistance: a perfect solution to protect halyards and sheets.

  • Construction: Technora® Tubular Braid

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