Discover EVODOCK by Gottifredi Maffioli

Gottifredi Maffioli is delighted to present the brand new EVODOCK, the ultimate solution for innovative mooring lines for Mega Yachts, a tapered single piece with two different sections: H.T. Nylon for stretch and Dyneema® for high breaking loads.

The revolutionary EVODOCK mooring line, created by Gottifredi Maffioli, captures and embodies the essential principles of Mega Yachts: quality, performance and aesthetics.

The main advantages of an EVODOCK mooring line

mooring lines and combines the stretch of a polyamide mooring line

with the light weight of a Dyneema line.

In addition, EVODOCK’s proprietary manufacturing technology allows to smoothly pass from the thicker outboard end of the line (featuring a high tenacity polyamide core and a robust polyester/Dyneema cover) to the thinner and lightweight polyester covered inboard tail (Dyneema cored), which yacht crews enjoy handling.   

EVODOCK’s Main Characteristics:


EVODOCK is 50% lighter than a conventional mooring line.

Thanks to its unique construction with blended materials, we have developed a Dyneema® mooring line that does not require any additional stretcher or tail.

These new lines are extremely light, strong, safe and elegant, ideal for the worlds largest MegaYachts.

Elegance & Strength

High quality materials and unique manufacturing techniques for a  stronger superyacht mooring line, aesthetically flawless.

Durability & Performance

50% lighter than similar ropes: Polyamide stretch combined with lightweight Dyneema line are key for EVODOCK’s long-life.

Safe & Pleasant Handling

Smooth transition from the thicker outboard end to the thinner inboard tail, which yacht crews enjoy handling. Great stretch capabilities combined with easy handling, thanks to its smoothness.

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