The reason why the rigidity of sailing lines is essential to obtaining the best performance

Sailing lines sometimes feel very stiff to the touch, especially when we are used to another type of material. This rigidity, however, has a value that is directly related to performance.

When we talk about sailing lines we associate them with the sensations we experience when we touch them on a boat. Sometimes one of the sensations we immediately remember is the stiffness of the lines, which can be considered one of the characteristics to avoid, especially for less experienced navigators. However, we must consider that an unpleasant sensation such as that of stiffness to the touch is not always to be avoided. In the specific case of sailing lines, rigidity is linked to very important characteristics such as durability, reliability and strength, which are the basis of the best performance. These concepts and characteristics are directly linked to Gottifredi Maffioli ropes.

There is no rope (and this applies to all products) that is perfect for every need. There are ropes and products that may be perfect for a specific application, but with trade-offs in other areas. Typically, the comfort and softness of the line is a compromise that must be made and which sometimes has negative implications: for example an increase in elongation and in other cases they can lead to movements and slippages between the core and the cover, especially for ropes designed to work in stoppers this can be a problem. Lastly, also the durability, the resistance to abrasion, which in some cases could be lower in soft ropes.

Three specific areas in which the characteristics of Gottifredi Maffioli ropes make the difference

Sometimes products in the Gottifredi Maffioli range can be perceived as hard and rigid, therefore not particularly comfortable, but they are designed in that way because they are created to essentially optimize 3 areas:

  • maximum breaking load;
  • minimum elongation;
  • excellent adhesion between core and cover, therefore giving better performance in the stops and on the winch.

Therefore that type of product is ideal when there are particularly high performance requirements.

Gottifredi Maffioli also has other products that are less extreme from the point of view of rigidity, therefore minimum elongations, which however are more flexible and more comfortable and suitable for less extreme applications. It is really important to prioritize and make the choice of ropes based on your goal and their final use.

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